Lewis Techno Group was founded by Mark S. Lewis in the early 2000's. The name was the idea of his older brother, Michael. It began as a private business that would involve web design, web site hosting and electronics engineering.

Mark is responsible for all programming/coding as well as electronics engineering. Michael's background was mechanical and this is where Mark gain his skills and experience with mechanical design and troubleshooting. There were plans to design engine management systems (EMS) since Michael was involved in engine building and owner of the now defunct Protius Engine Development. The EMS were to be used for professional racing and street/hotrod applications.

After Michael's passing Mark has continued in the areas of electronics engineering, possibly in the future development of Engine Management Systems (EMS) may be resumed. Presently the focus is on professional musical and audio, and industrial control systems.

You can contact Mark if you're in need of troubleshooting support and/or electronics/technical consultation.